Days of Days
Days of Days
the travels of Chaney and Kathryn Swiney

Golden summer heat and again it is the "day of days": we leave on our trip to Yellowstone and Colorado this evening at 6:05. Happy hearts!

Margaret Gehrke penned those words in her journal on July 10, 1917. The time and places in her text are replaceable (though the places themselves surely are not). Yellowstone could be replaced by Denali, Colorado by Tennessee, by Wallowa Lake State Park or the Three Sisters Wilderness that lies just up the road from where I type these words nearly 101 years after Margaret Gehrke and her husband departed at 6:05 in the evening. What is important about her words is the emotion, the elation of the onset of adventure. This phrase, the "day of days," is one she used time and again to denote the start of a trip to the national parks of the west. Many days run together, but which ones stand apart? Those days of embarkation, when all that lies ahead are the hopes and dreams of wanderlust, attached in the mind to dots and lines on a map symbolizing the geographies beyond the next ridge.

In this spirit, the travels recorded here sit under the title Days of Days, for it is our hope to live each as if it's the beginning of a new adventure. The promise and prospects held in that first day need not be diminished by the march of time. Who cares if the hike is done? Tomorrow there is another trail! Yes, it is sad to be leaving Arches, but you're heading east and the Rockies are ahead! If you know the landscape, if you know where you're heading, or even if you're stepping out into the unknown, there is always a reason for restless excitement.


Chaney Swiney
Naturalist, Photographer, Cartographer, Guide


Kathryn Swiney
Kindergarten Teacher